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Transparency, brightness and naturalness are the characteristics of the new bathroom furniture Surf that opts for the most ancient and natural element i.e. glass. Combinations of materials, colours and volumes enhance the brightness of fine and trendy furniture. The large volume of the thick washbasin Square in grey concrete resin is in pleasant contrast with the lightweight top in grey glass Europa on which it stands.

New proportions for a modern bathroom created by combining different materials. Top Surf H 6 cm in raw iron and coal oak is a bold but clear choice that does not diminish the personality of the washbasin in flamed Piasentina stone. The mirror with a raw iron insert where it is possible to fasten the water taps becomes an integral part to the entire programme within a perfectly balanced project.

The L-shaped elements of the large book case Unlimited are available in four different heights that can be freely combined together to reach the wished total height and in different finishes: melamine, satin lacquer, raw oak and concrete resin to meet any need. The crossing between shelves and front uprights generates some open spaces that can be filled with elements Infinity made with folding technique.

A more rigorous and technical atmosphere and the search for the essential shape are the starting point of project Surf. Tradition is always present through glass, iron e concrete resin in renewed shapes but with unchanged functions for always fashionable interior decoration.

Trasparenza, luminosità e naturalezza.


Designed by: Modulnova

The history of Modulnova begins 30 years ago (in 1988) in Friuli, in Prata di Pordenone, for the will and initiative of three brothers: Dario (now president of the company), Giuseppe and Carlo (both directors of the Board) Presotto.

The Presotto family has been in the furniture world since the late 1940s (grandfather was a carpenter, his father continued with a company of bedrooms until 1987), but it is with Dario, Giuseppe and Carlo that begins the entrepreneurial adventure that today employs around one hundred employees, invoicing € 35 million a year (with 70% of customers in Italy) with an increase over the last 5 years of 30%, a production area spread over 12,000 square meters.

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