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The Hangar walk-in closet designed by Piero Lissoni aims to create a personal space that is visually appealing and comfortable, shifting the focus from mere container function to overall wellness. Hangar is designed to store everyday objects, rationalising the space. Every object is neat and free at the same time: an intelligent, functional system structured to requirements. A charming product, thanks to the warmth of the wood and lightness of the glass and its reflections. A tailor-made solution, appealing for its endless design possibilities, where the various elements and accessories are fitted along elegant floor-to-ceiling metal frames that support the weight of the equipment, providing precise style and quality detailing.

An intelligent, functional system, structured on the needs of those who live in it.


Design by: Piero Lissoni
Anno: 2011

After graduating in architecture from the Politecnico di Milano, together with Nicoletta Canesi, Piero Lissoni founded Lissoni Associati in 1986 and Graph.X in 1996. The studio, which works with the most prestigious companies and employs around 70 architects, designers and graphic artists, operates in all areas of project design: industrial design, art direction, architecture, hotel interiors, private homes, showrooms, ships and boats.

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