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naica 10700


Available with a hinged or a sliding door, it can be adapted in height, length and width and it is also suitable for corner solutions. Wide-ranging internal equipment options offer customisation to suit any need.

Drawer units, display cases for trousers, belts and shoes, shelves and hanging rails with built-in lights are completed with luxury details in leather and sumptuous fabrics for a wardrobe that is truly elegant.

Graphic markings, groove work, suit any need.


Design by: Cairoli & Donzelli

Since 1992 Cairoli & Donzelli have been involved in the conceptualising and development of design products. They have a propensity for furniture design, consulting on the development and positioning of product collections, corporate image and the search for new concepts for repositioning and redevelopment of collections and factories, as well as interior design.

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