Bluna – Binova



A truly professionally inspired laboratory with all the accessories and equipment useful for the preparation of food.

The columns and the base units are in white matt lacquer silk finish and the worktop is in white acrylic.

Characteristic horizontal sign has a new life; tradition and modern living meet to generate a refined and transverse whole, warm and highly appealing.

A truly professionally inspired laboratory.


Designed by: Binova

The story of Binova began in an artisan workshop. It started with Giovanni and Francesco Bolletta, who from a very tender age learned how to work wood with precision, appreciate its qualities and recognise its spirit while working at shops of various carpenters in Assisi.

Giovanni added further to his craftsman’s skills at General Motors by acquiring specialised knowledge of high-powered car bodies, which then enhanced with in-depth knowledge of mechanics and advanced technologies. This marked the start of Binova and its story as an Umbrian company in the world of high-quality kitchens.

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