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The Menta 03 kitchen, designed by Miton, where the warmth of light wood and dove-gray fabrics alternates with the clean lines of the stoneware. Miton welcomes you to a Ménta kitchen.

Columns door
Ménta matt bilaminate in Grigio Medio Opaco finish.

Base unit door and wall cabinets door
Ménta lacquered matt in Grigio Antracite Opaco finish.

Glass door
Bellevue made of black, matt aluminum and smoked glass frame. Structure in Grigio Antracite 0EA and LED lighting.

Waind system
Open structure in bilaminate wood Noce Naturale with back panel Tessuto Tortora finish and LED lighting.

Gres stone in Charming Amber Opaco finish.

Back panel and shelves with integrated LED are in bilaminate wood Noce Naturale.

Familiar and welcoming


Design by: Miton

Miton loves … Italian excellence handed down from generation to generation by looking to the future. In the early 1960s Giuseppe Arangiaro began the adventure. He soon realizes that Made in Italy is a guarantee of success, and the export of his creations begins; in a few years he became one of the major exporters of modular kitchens, so much so as to induce an American multinational to believe in him.

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