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The Menta 04 kitchen, designed by Miton, designed to give balance, rationality and well-being. Here the order of things becomes order of one’s thoughts. Thus was born an environment capable of infusing Zen harmony. Miton welcomes you to a Ménta kitchen.

Column door
Ménta bilaminate wood Rovere Mogano finish.

Waind system
Open structure in bilaminate wood Rovere Mogano with lacquered matt back panel Rosso Vino and LED lighting.

Island door
Ménta Fenix laminate, Nero Ingo finish.

Compact Fenix laminate Nero Ingo. Thickness 1,2 cm with external side panels, same material.

Balance, rationality and well-being.


Design by: Miton

Miton loves … Italian excellence handed down from generation to generation by looking to the future. In the early 1960s Giuseppe Arangiaro began the adventure. He soon realizes that Made in Italy is a guarantee of success, and the export of his creations begins; in a few years he became one of the major exporters of modular kitchens, so much so as to induce an American multinational to believe in him.

Tenda Grandangolo Gold by Ke Oudoor Designcucina menta 03 miton
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