Scava – Binova

Cucina Scava Binova


The carved fronts with thickness are made all the more important by the worktop with a drip-catching edge.

The handle has been designed as removal of matter, being incorporated drawn into the door depth.

The columns are in brushed steel and the island is in Rovere Silver oak wood.
The worktop is in Fokos Piombo laminam.

Subtraction of matter that creates spaces, volumes, new features.


Designed by: Binova

The story of Binova began in an artisan workshop. It started with Giovanni and Francesco Bolletta, who from a very tender age learned how to work wood with precision, appreciate its qualities and recognise its spirit while working at shops of various carpenters in Assisi.

Giovanni added further to his craftsman’s skills at General Motors by acquiring specialised knowledge of high-powered car bodies, which then enhanced with in-depth knowledge of mechanics and advanced technologies. This marked the start of Binova and its story as an Umbrian company in the world of high-quality kitchens.

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Cucina MT 210 Fenix by Mitonhoms_pianca_comodini_spazio_anteprima_catania-1
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