OREGON – Alf DaFre



The Oregon sofa stands out for the particular shape of its armrests, which create a feeling of styling and functional continuity with the seat back. Affording generous modularity, complete with corner units, chaise longue, armchairs and footstools.

Feeling of styling and functional continuity


Designed by: Enrico Cesana

“I had never considered design, especially because the architect’s dream is be an architect, but after the studies, two important professional experiences made me discover this world, and it was love at first sight. In 2005, the choice to open up my little space and believe in this lightning strike. I’m a designer at the service of the company: I like to work on uniqueness and character; my job is to read the company’s dna and make targeted projects to the valorisation of these values. I think that for a good result, a designer and a business must establish a feeling that allows one to look without a word, to confront and clash to find the optimal solution that is a mix design, production strategy and marketing, only then does the product prove to be winning.

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