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Selecta is the evolution of the first Italian freestanding system, designed by Lema in 1978 and continues its evolution from more than thirty years with new finishes and elements that fit the different needs that consumers have developed over the years. Bookcase par excellence, Selecta was the first product to combine the details of manual work on wood to a series of technical innovations that confer it maximum versatility in terms of compositions, uses and finishes, turning it into an actual ad hoc product for each home that fully exploits cutting-edge corporate mechanization processes. Service and transit spaces, double-height rooms, attics, space under staircases do not represent restrictions but opportunities. Thanks to the technologies and various available solutions, it is the ideal choice to also design TV furniture and multi-function walls. The compositional possibilities are virtually endless: doors and containers can be added to the open shelves for a more varied and comprehensive use.

Lavorazione manuale sul legno & innovazioni tecniche


Design by: Officinadesign Lema

For more than 40 years, LEMA has championed the ‘Made in Italy’ aesthetic by expertly mixing innovation and tradition, turning quality and personalisation into its unique selling point.
LEMA’s strength lies in its extraordinary manufacturing ability and typically Italian excellence, allowing the company to combine the values and technological efficiencies of a large enterprise with fine and unrivalled craftsmanship.

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