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A current wallpaper must know how to combine design, functionality and materials. The beauty of a wallpaper, however, lies in being a contemporary and custom made element, capable of responding to the different needs of space, coverage and design.

Londonart: ” A current wallpaper must know how to combine design, functionality and materials. 


Design by: Londonart

Londonart creates sartorial-level wallpapers, authentic craftsmanship, to meet the different needs of space and everyday life.

The identity of our brand is a combination of fashion, graphic elements and architecture; materials, fabrics and aesthetics that take place in the different dimensions of living in a harmonious and functional way.

A contemporary and custom made design product that becomes an element of pure furniture for any context in which people live and weave relationships, like at home, at work, wherever you are spending time. Our experience and deep connection with contemporary needs have made Londonart’s wallpapers within the reach of a worldwide circuit that brings together designers, architects, interior designers, artists, designers and anyone who lives the experience of choosing one of our products. We have an international spirit and atelier artisan know-how: a name, Londonart, which recalls the essence of the art of design, through creativity and planning.

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