MED JOY – Gibus



Bioclimatic pergola in powder painted aluminium, with adjustable blade roof.

The structure is formed of 13×13 cm square uprights and a 25 cm perimeter frame.

The roof blades can be turned from 0° to 120°, and once they are closed protection is guaranteed against rain and bad weather.

The blades rotate around a bottom pin so that – once they are closed – they rest on the internal perimeter of the structure, isolated from the rain and wind and insects cannot enter. Movement is driven by one or two linear motors depending on the size of the structure.

Med Joy can be fitted with rolling awning closures or windows from the Gibus range.

The slim, narrow bioclimatic pergola ideal for terraces and small gardens.


Designed by: Gibus

“Born in 1982 we have always worked hard showing all our passion for it. We aimed to give added value, feel useful, work well, develop enlightened ideas to live the outdoors at best.
So we made it.
Trying. Making mistakes. Trying again. Discovering. Learning. Learning again. Growing even more.
And so here we are today, defined and redefined by our choices, that now translate into our products.
So many years of experience and yet we still share the same drive to be better and do better.”