MORE – Modulnova



The large suspended sideboard in wood is the perfect synthesis of functionality and aesthetics. The language of design comes through loud and clear, comprehensible to all and outstanding in its originality.

Movement, rhythm and architectonic design thanks to the bookcase covered wall, also available with a coloured back panel, its tempo contrasting with the formality of the accessorised wall.

Open units, pull-out baskets, lift-up doors, innovative colours, unusual combinations of different finishes, new materials, modular bookcases: all in the one living area.

Tidy and organised.


Designed by: Modulnova

Since the choice of the name (which is inspired by the module, modularity, a tribute to the “modulor” of Le Corbusier), the goal is very clear: to propose a kitchen system that can be customized “tailor-made” for the client, who it can satisfy stylistic requirements, but also functional ones, with taste and formal rigor.
A sartorial approach that today characterizes the whole proposal of the Friulian company: born with the production of kitchen systems, Modulnova has subsequently extended its proposal to the bathroom and living sector.

A challenge then undertaken by the then twenties Presotto brothers who confirms today the goodness of the choices made, proved successful. A success that is due above all to the perfect harmony, understanding and planning that drives these young entrepreneurs, but also to have believed right away that to be trend setters it is necessary to bring innovation and design into the kitchen with absolute attention to the continuous transformations of the market and of the styles of living.