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Shade sails provide spectacular effects, yet they are simple and highly functional. With their cutting-edge and strong materials, they are inspired by the nautical world..

Stainless steel is used for the frame, tension wires and central boom, around which the shade sail is rolled, which is fitted with a standard motor. The shade sails are made of laminated sailcloth with radial seams.

Shade sails provide an effect of ever-changing elegance and gracefulness, as light as the wind. But they are extremely safe, firmly anchored to the ground and the fabric is always perfectly tensioned.

If the wind blows too hard, more than 40 km/h, an anemometer quickly and automatically closes the shade sail. Its radial seams prevent water pockets from forming when it rains.

Gibus shade sails are available in a free-standing version, with four masts, or in a leaning version, with a variable number of posts and in a multitude of configurations. Wherever you choose to position your shade sail, it will naturally blend in with the architecture and the landscape.

Ever-changing elegance, strong materials, simple and highly functional.


Designed by: Gibus

Gibus, The Sun Factory – Italy, is an Italian company designing, manufacturing and selling awnings, pergolas and bioclimatic pergolas. A range of accessories, including glass doors and lighting systems, give our products their final touch.

Our industrial laboratory – a leading point of reference in its field, both in Italy and abroad – is constantly evolving. Our people are at the heart of what we do and it is thanks to their experience, vision and passion that we are able to produce taylor-made pergolas and awnings, bringing the Italianstyle outdoor living to the rest of the world.

Our products encompass the excellence of the ‘Made in Italy’ trademark: quality, style, creativity and authenticity.

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