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KE is proud to introduce its latest pergola awning: ISOLA 3 joins the GENNIUS range, the complete solar-screen system, made up of products perfectly combining elegance and design with flexibility and modularity.

Because of its technical peculiarities, Isola 3 – just like all of the other Gennius products – add maximum comfort to outdoor space, expanding living environments and guests’ areas in coffee bars, restaurants, hotels and shops.

Isola 3 stands out for its characteristic lowered-arch shapewhich contributes in reducing minimum overall dimensions and in improving its aesthetics; these are just some reasons why this new pergola is absolutely unique.

Combining elegance and design with flexibility and modularity.


Designed by: Ke Outdoor Design

It can be installed in two different ways – wall-mounted and free-standing – and it can be integrated with side shading screens, which can also be completely transparent, or with sliding glass doors. Isola 3 can be highly customised: it is possible to choose more than 500 different technical fabrics for the all-around closed version; the level of solar gain can be regulated depending on the specific needs of the building on which the product is to be installed, taking the stylistic coherence into account as well.

For these reasons, Isola 3 uniquely complements the architecture of buildings, thanks to its essential lines and its aluminium powder-coated profiles, granting a perfect resistance against corrosion and a minimal design.

Isola 3 is an authentic outdoor furniture element thanks to a light integrated dimmable system, perfect for creating impressive night backgrounds.

Furthermore, Isola 3 can be integrated with optional rain and sun sensors, giving perfect automation and the ideal awning management, being easily adapted to every weather change. The choice of when and how the awning must be opened or closed becomes possible just downloading an app for smartphones or tablets.

Choosing a KE pergola means choosing a design which is focused on people and their habits, in order to create new conceptions of spaces. This company once again proves to be an ambassador of innovation by proposing stylistic interpretations that immediately become trends. KE is an ideal partner able to guarantee an essential support for the design of any outdoor space.

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