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KHEOPE sail system stands out as a large shading sail, which covers an important area, representing an innovative choice for the sun protection of tomorrow. The stainless-steel structure and the nautical materials ensure great functionality and lightweight design.

KHEOPE is a modern shading structure that enhances open-air areas: thanks to its sleek design, it easily adapts to different landscapes.

Elegance and comfort in the home, in public areas and commercial spaces.


Designed by: Ke – Outdoor Design

Polished steel and sailing materials are the expression of innovation with a keen eye for details, along with KE outstanding quality standards.

KHEOPE is configured with a motorized handling and an exclusive anemometer ensures automatic closure in case of strong winds.

Thanks to its high versatility, KHEOPE is the ideal solution to offer both elegance and comfort in the home, in public areas and commercial spaces (hotels, bars, swimming pools, marine, etc.).

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