Modular bioclimatic pergola in powder coated extruded aluminium, available in self-bearing or leaning version. When closed, the blades protect from rain and sun and, when open, create a pleasant natural ventilation within range. Thanks to their minimal design they perfectly fit into any architectural environment, enhancing it. The many possible combinations and the versatility of the opening of the blades allow for full freedom of expression in the design stage. The characteristic opening movement and the side sealing system of the blades are Gibus exclusive patents. If fully automated, Med Twist can automatically respond to climatic conditions by adjusting the position of the blades to achieve effective protection or a natural and ecological cooling.

The modular bioclimatic pergola with a wide range of accessories.


Designed by: Gibus

“Born in 1982 we have always worked hard showing all our passion for it. We aimed to give added value, feel useful, work well, develop enlightened ideas to live the outdoors at best.
So we made it.
Trying. Making mistakes. Trying again. Discovering. Learning. Learning again. Growing even more.
And so here we are today, defined and redefined by our choices, that now translate into our products.
So many years of experience and yet we still share the same drive to be better and do better.

homs_gibus_esterni_medvaria_anteprima_cataniaPergola Med Joy by Gibus
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