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SPACE WALL is a brand new product, an elegant awning designed to fit on pre-existing structures, perfect for verandas and attics.

SPACE WALL is the self-standing version of SPACE: an easy-to-install awning with an inspectable box.

Easy to install, equipped with an inspectionable cassette, SPACE WALL is characterised by guides which are adjustable in width, in order to fit well in every situation.

Functional and ergonomic, this composition makes every movement easier.


Designed by: Ke – Outdoor Design

Its fabric-wrapping system allows a perfect tensioning; as the strip LEDs can be integrated on the guides, SPACE WALL is in line with the most innovative solutions of this branch.

Due to these last improvements:

  • It is now possible to reach a maximum of 6 metres in width with two guides, up to a maximum of 4 metres in projection;
  • It is now possible to integrate strip LEDs in the guides;
  • It is now possible to have also 80 NM motors, in addition to 120 NM motors.
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