Aberdeen Sofa Lema

Brand: Lema Mobili

The fruit of Officinadesign Lema‘s creative research, Aberdeen is a sofa devoted to maximum comfort that chooses a lived-in look thanks to the housse that softly envelops it.

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” Design: Officinadesign Lema “


Aberdeen Sofa

The hammer armrest is underlined by the folds of the fabric while the volumes of the seat are surrounded by a soft mouse tail stitching, sartorial details that give a refined character to the project. Comfort is ensured by the polyurethane padding to which is added a special hypoallergenic and ecological fiber. Technical development therefore does not dominate the iconic aesthetics, with a classic flavor, which makes Aberdeen a passepartout – available in two or three-seater versions – for a house that focuses on shared moments. The enveloping armchair that incorporates the stylistic stylistic features of the same family.

Brand: Lema

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