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Incertum Opus is a design product that comes from designer Sean Yoo’s visit to Pompeii. The inspiration suggested by blocks of Roman masonry (“Opus incertum”) is taken to create the texture that characterizes the shelves of this library. Versatile and lightweight, library or exhibitor, the modular height and length is comparable, in color and orientation of internal partitions, and can play inside a home is a practical function that a space, in the sense that it can contain objects, but also divide the space.
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Libreria Opus Incertum Casamania

“Suggested by blocks of Roman masonry”

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Opus Incertum
The shelves, with trends inclined irregular shapes, movement to the structure as a whole, resulting in a mobile design young and dynamic. Light, as made of expanded polypropylene, is adapted to be stacked and you could even be used outdoors as a decorative form on which to place plants and creepers. Opus Incertum is also an environmentally friendly product, made from 100% recyclable materials.

Dimensions: 100x35x100cm
Brand: Casamania
Designer: Sean Yoo