Rare Velvet Carpet Amini

Brand: Amini

Designed and produced for Amini, Rare Velvet is a rug made in natural silk and wool of the Tibetan plateau with rope spun by hand. Rare Velvet is a rug by the unique and elegant design. Handmade by skilled craftsmen according to the more traditional wool and silk processing techniques, this rug will be able to adorn and decorate any room of your home with elegance and class. Available in different sizes and finishes, choose the one that best suits your tastes.

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rare velvet silver amini 600x600
rare velvet silver amini 540x681
rare velvet silver amini 646x646

Rare Velvet Carpet

Hand knotted with natural silk and soft wool of sheep living on the plateaus of Tibet at more than 3,000 meters of altitude.


Quality : 120.000 knots/sqm
Pile composition  : 30% Pure Silk, 70% Tibetan wool (hand spun wool hand carded)
Height  : 7mm
Technique  : hand knotted
Origin : Nepal
FInishing : the carpets are hand washed, clipped and carved.
The fringes are revolved on the backside and covered with cloth

Brand: Amini
Designer: Amini

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