Telegrafo Coat Hanger Glas Italia

Brand: Glas Italia

Telegrafo garment holder designed by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia. The main structure is made of 24x24mm transparent glass resistant to loads, thanks to the tempering treatment, the base is in rough iron.

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Signed by Piero Lissoni

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Telegrafo Coat Hanger

The floor is made with glued Telegraph square bars of transparent glass 24×24 mm., And is fixed by means of an interlocking system to a base in raw iron thickPiero Lissoni creates a piece of furnitureas strong as light to the eye, in fact, despite the extreme thinness of the sectionscrystal, thanks to a special tempering treatmenttakes on an incredible load resistance.Diametro 30cm x 164cm


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