Teste di Moro Ceramiche Sofia

An icon of Sicily ideal for decorating your home. The Teste di Moro of Ceramiche Sofia are terracotta pots entirely handmade by skilled artisans of Caltagirone. Available in different models with shipping throughout Italy and Europe.

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” Design: “Sofia ceramics”, owned by Intonatos brothers, Nicola and Giuseppe, is a firm that produces artistic majolica artefacts in Caltagirone (Sicily, Italy). Our specialty is the production of unique majolica artworks that are shaped and decorated by hand, according to traditional colours and style of Caltagirone ceramics, for several years. We focus on the local handcrafted productions and select unique items representing the history of Caltagirone majolica, the artistic and cultural values of which are recognized worldwide. 


Teste di Moro

Moor’s Head is one of the most representative images of Sicily; on the most ancient and traditional houses the real protagonist is the terracotta head vase that contains luxuriant and fragrant flowers.

Brand: Ceramiche Sofia

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