Intro Chair Pianca

Brand: Pianca

The Intro chair, designed by Pianca, was born as an “introvert”, from the idea of ​​a person who, with discretion, keeps his arms crossed behind his back.

• Finiture seduta/ Seat finishes
• Modelli/ Models *
• Basamento/ Base
• Basamento/ Base
• Basamento/ Base
• Basamento/ Base

” Design: Odo Fioravanti “


Intro Chair

The stackable structure permits optimization of spaces used for entertaining guests. Thanks to its minimal elegance and many color combinations, it is ideal for any space in the home: the dining area, the kitchen, children’s bedrooms. The «blackboard» version, for example, is perfect for very elegant contexts; the yellow seat brings a touch of youth and flair. Thanks to its form and the characteristics of its materials, “Intro” is also an excellent choice for public spaces.
No ordinary chair, but a design object that makes its mark.

Brand: Pianca
Designer: Odo Fioravanti

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