Sand Chair Desalto

Brand: Desalto

The Sand chair has many advantages: a refined design, unparalleled comfort and a unique solidity. Designed by Pacci and Dondoli for Desalto, it is available, in addition to fiberglass, also in leather or leather, both handcrafted under the Made in Italy quality. Sand also features the exterior version.

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“Designed by Dondoli and Pocci

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Sand Chair

Sand is an extensive collection of chairs and stools in both versions with and without armrests. In Sand project coexist features that are hardly combinable in a single chair: refined aesthetics, great comfort, lightness and sturdiness. Sand Chair in polypropylene version, is also suitable for outdoor environments.

Size: W 47cm; D 54cm; H total 82cm; H seat 45cm.

Designer: PACCI + DONDOLI.

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