Niagara Mirror Gallotti & Radice

Niagara mirror designed by Pierangelo Gallotti for Gallotti & Radice, with a unique and decisive style. The delicate fracture is handmade with handcrafted workmanship. Suitable for all spaces, from the bathroom to the living room, to the bedroom. Available in different sizes.

niagara gr 646x646
niagara1 gr 900x900

” Designed by Pierangelo Gallotti 1987 “

niagara2 gr 900x900
niagara gr 540x681
niagara gr 646x646

Niagara Mirror

A contemporary design and original, characterized by a “fracture” soft, hand-made with a sophisticated processing. Niagara has a particular elegance and a unique appearance. Available in different formats: with a diameter of 80 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm.


ø 80
ø 100
ø 120
80 x 80
100 x 100

Brand: Gallotti&Radice
Designer : Pierangelo Gallotti

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