Rememberme Mirror Casamania

Rememberme mirror designed by Tobias Juretzek for Casamania, which has become famous for its originality. You can personalize it with your jeans and your t-shirts, getting a product that is really yours. Available in three finishes.

For the Cm8891 mirror (only Jeans) about 7Kg of Jeans are required.
For the Cm8891 mirror (Jeans and cotton T-shirt) about 4kg of Jeans + 3Kg of cotton T-shirts are required.

rememberme 900 2

“Embodies the current focus on sustainability and recycling”

remembermespecchio 900

Rememberme Mirror

It is made by jeans and cotton t-shirts mixed with a special resin.‎ Rememberme is the beginning of a project with infinite space for development and customization.‎

Material and Finishes: Jeans and cotton t-shirts.‎

Dimensions: L 70 P 4 H 195
Designer: Tobias Juretzek

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