Norma Sideboard Pianca

Brand: Pianca

The Norma sideboard, designed by Pianca, with a clean and rigorous design of its lines gives it elegance and a charm with a refined taste.


” Design: Pianca Studio 


Norma Sideboard

Surface continuity is one of Norma’s most important features. This is where we got the idea for wrapping the entire structure with one continuous panel, which creates a luxurious monolithic effect. Following this creative direction are the lack of handles or grips, replaced here by an elegantly simple push-to-open system.
With a host of different finishes for the base and choice of high gloss and matt lacquered coloures, wood, glass and mirrored finishes as well as the original natural slate finish, the unit changes appearence according to individual preferences.

Brand: Pianca
Pianca Studio

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