Snap Sofa Lema

Brand: Lema Mobili

Designed by Francesco Rota, Snap is a modular floor padding for highly customized solutions, to be used in linear or angular configurations by composing chaise longues, poufs, seats, terminals and central units.

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” Design: Francesco Rota “


Snap Sofa

It stands out for the essential lines, the rigorous shapes, the geometric joints, the marked elegance and the ultra contemporary proportions, which makes it an elective place of comfort thanks to the development of this same as a pillow, with an additional feather padding.

The structure can be raised from the ground with a small cavity or rest on four L-shaped chromed or burnished metal feet of the same arm width: a sophisticated detail that enhances the design with a luminous blade that stands out even more in the contrast with the shadow created between the base and the floor.

Brand: Lema

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