Felix Armchair Lema

Brand: Lema Mobili

Felix armchair made by Roberto Lazzeroni for Lema Mobili. An all-Italian style, ideal for decorating the bedroom.
(Many other fabrics and leathers are available, consult the technical data sheet and contact us).

• Tessuto/ Fabric • Cat. DA *
• Pelle/ Leather • Cat. Basic *

” Design: Roberto Lazzeroni “


Felix Armchair

Great elegance and compact size for Felix, signed by Roberto Lazzeroni, a seat that is ideally located in sleeping areas: a discreet object and whose character completes the bedroom, as well as the home’s living area. The curved backrest is a true cove of relaxation, enclosing this monolithic seat. The stitching and seams reveal graceful and subtle contours, exalting them.

Brand: Lema
Designer: Roberto Lazzeroni

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