Brick Lane Sofa Lema

Brand: Lema Mobili

The Brick Lane sofa, designed by Lema, is the result of an encounter between square shapes and super softness. Modularity and relaxation are the two cornerstones of this perfect complement for your living area. Geometric lines and soft volumes that aspire to a new concept of classicism. Available in three versions and infinite combinations of fabrics, eco-leathers and leathers.

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” Design: Christophe Pillet “


Brick Lane Sofa

A calibrated play of geometries and volumes that replicate for a new piece of furniture that cultivates the ambition to rise to a new classic, capable of fitting into any environment, private or contract. In addition to the cleanliness of the shapes, this proposal is characterized by the movement of advanced technology, cleverly concealed from the view by the stitching, which allows the inclination of the backrest and the advancement of the seat, ensuring maximum comfort. Careful tailoring processes that combine with cutting-edge industrial processes, which have always been distinctive features of Lema’s production.

Brand: Lema

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