Kaiwa Sofa Lema

Brand: Lema Mobili

Kaiwa two-seater fixed sofa designed by Matteo Nunziati for Lema Mobili. The inspiration for this unique design originates from the word Kaiwa which means “conversing” in Japanese. Suspended metal base in a bronze color finish, with upholstered seat and back. Ideal for decorating any room, especially the living area.

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” Designed by Matteo Nunziati “

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Kaiwa Sofa

The word kaiwa in Japanese means dialoguing, and this concept have inspired Matteo Nunziati that create the homonymous two-seater fixed sofa. A proposal able to fit, with its bronze painted metal base and the fully padded body, in elegant domestic contexts, but thought in particular to furnish lounge areas of refined contract spaces.

Structure: Metal
Body:Fabric/Leather/Faux leather

Brand: Lema
Designer: Matteo Nunziati

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