Coffee Table Haumea Gallotti & Radice

Haumea coffee table designed by Massimo Castagna for Gallotti & Radice. Cylindrical base in black lacquered wood, tempered extralight glass top and polished brass top plate. Available in four different sizes.

haumea1 tavolino gr 600x600
haumea tavolino gr 600x600 1

Distinct refinement “

haumea tavolino gr 900x900
haumea tavolino gr 540x681
haumea tavolino gr 646x646

Haumea Coffee Table

Haumea is a series of four tables, bass and treble, which differ in particular materials that characterize them. The support structure that supports the top is cylindrical in shape and overlooks the glass top acting as a practical saucer svuotatasche. Quality and exclusiveness guaranteed by the great Italian brand.


Haumea XS ( Ø 50 cm – H 35 cm )
Haumea S ( Ø 50 cm – H 56 cm ) 
Haumea M ( Ø 80 cm – H 40 cm ) 
Haumea L ( Ø 120 cm – H 33 cm ) 

Brand: Gallotti&Radice
Designer : Massimo Castagna

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