Haik Coffee Table Pianca

Brand: Pianca

The Haik coffee table, designed by Pianca, looks like a harmonious integration of geometric shapes, able to reflect and play with the light of its beautiful metallic finishes.

• Finiture/ Finishes *

” Design: Emilio Nanni “


Haik Coffee Table

The craftsmanship of the manufacturing process makes each piece unique. At the sight or touch are perceived in fact the quality of its implementation and the naturalness of the material.
The innovative strength of this object to construction, form, material and finish, makes it a piece of furniture distinctive, suitable for any environment inside and outside the home. Eclectic in its interpretation can be used as a bedside table, coffee table, stool. In all circumstances, it is a unique, recognizable, a touch of art that can not be ignored.

Brand: Pianca
Designer: Emilio Nanni

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